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    I’m working with the latest RAIN and Unity 5.2 pro.

    I’m having problems with RAIN. I can’t even get the AI to move.
    My behavior tree is simle: (BT)Enemy > (SEQ)Root > move.

    I’ve done a Capsule-object with Capsule-collider, and put RAIN AI on it.
    Waypoint Route is done, also Navigation Mesh. The body in RAIN is my Capsule (Enemy).

    In MOVE i’ve set Move target to the name of my Waypoint Route.
    And Move speed is 5.
    Behavior tree is also set to this tree.

    Nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?




    I’m a noob but are you sure you set the Behavior Tree Asset (under Mind Tab) to your Behavior Tree? Okay, I see you said you set it.. sorry it should move, mine did..

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    Sorry it took so long to get to this.

    Check out the starter kit samples on patrolling, in particular the way the behavior tree is setup. Normally you would use a waypoint route node, and put the move node in that. There are a few other details though, so check out the kit first.

    Come back with questions.



    I have just started using RAIN, and a similar thing is happening. I had my NPC following waypoints, but when I added the animation, they completely stopped.

    This happened when I added an animation state to the animator in the AI Rig. The it wouldn’t move any after I added the “Walk” animation. When I deleted it from the Animator, the NPC started workin as it should. (not animated though)

    Try removing those animations and see if maybe that’s what’s causing your problem also.


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