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    This is a game we are working at, which we had to do in two weeks for a contest at our country (Mexico).
    It is based on a local legend (from Veracruz, Mexico, our city); the legend of -chucho el roto- (“Chucho the broken”). A Robin hood a-like burglar from 1885 who was locked in the prison of a fortress called “San Juan de Ulua”. That was the worst place you could end up as a prisioner back then. Somehow he managed to escaped, & not only one but 3 TIMES!. How he escaped? nobody knows. & everybody here has a different version of how he escaped.

    The most common version is that he escaped in a barrel which was dragged away by the sea from the fortress to the beach, he was captured shortly after & sentenced to receive 300 lashes, which he could not stand. He died & then they transported his coffin from Veracruz City to Queretaro City, only to find out that the coffin was full of bricks & he was not there.

    We think such a legend like this one should be portrayed in a videogame & so we are working on it. There are tons of cool legends from our city, since it was a colonial town back then, & we think people around the world would be interested in playing them.
    The main idea is to break from the fortress without nobody noticing. Our game is currently in beta & we are open to suggestions opinions & so on. This is our first (complete) videogame ever.

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