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  • Robin Bono


    Got some questions/feature requests. As I currently dont know the full path of this great “AI addon”

    1. Will there be any way to “stitch” navmeshes together? For example if I make some kind of modular map. Where the player build their, hmm lets say “star base”. It would come really handy, to generate the navmeshes for each module as a prefab.

    2. When are we going to get “dynamic obstacles”?

    3. Would be noce if it was possible to set the walkable radius of each AI, giving the ablility to give certain AI characters the possibility to walk on paths on the navmesh. And forcing other AI characters to find another way around.

    4. Could you guys add the ability to set the smooth value of the path ( green path ). So we as users could choose % of the smooth value from the rough path ( red path ) to the maximum possible of the smooth path. And place this on each AI
    This would be very handy in many situations. Like when there are narrow corridors, bigger characters etc.
    ( As this is my current very important thread at the troubleshooting section of the forum ( ) I add it here also. )



    Your moveTarget can be a game object, and that game object can move around - no problem.


    ai.WorkingMemory.SetItem<GameObject>("moveTarget", gameObject);

    This also works if you detect the target game object with a sensor.

    Then use a Move node in your BT with the Move Target set to moveTarget.


    I’ve been able to go through all the Rain tutorials, but I am still not able to do something basic that I can easily do with Unity’s builtin navmesh… I don’t think I’m “thinking Rain” yet, as my previous effort has now amounted to over 6 hours of fail in trying to understand Rain.

    How do I get an AI to navigate to a dynamic position specified by MonoBehaviour or as manifested in GameObjects’ transform positions (that could be dynamically instantiated by other MonoBehaviours)?

    Could you provide an example?



    Not currently. Adding support for dynamic navmesh changes is on our roadmap, but the functionality is not there yet.


    In reply to: Sample Projects


    Below are the sample/tutorial ideas I sent over.
    - Movement over a terrain - I’ve seen tons of people comment about how it’s difficult to get this to work.

    - 3d movement - maybe a flying bird chasing a smaller flying bird, catching, then landing on ground

    - Attack & Wander - Add changes between Melee (based on distance) and Ranged (based on distance) - back and forth between those.

    - Change Direction - go from walking, enter ladder trigger, climb up ladder, then walk on top of something, and back again

    - Upstairs/Downstairs - wanderer upstairs and downstairs, player enters, attacks downstairs wanderer, upstairs wanderer hears and comes to investigate, then attacks player with melee

    - Multiple Grids/NavMesh - outdoors navmesh, then goes to indoor navmesh and AI automatically changes navmesh. Also, what if target is outside and AI is inside, will it error out.

    - Dynamic obstacle - Large block in path with no way around, drop explosive, block is destroyed, Ai continues on path


    I am new to RAIN and to unity also. I can make the characters avoid obstacles using the NavMesh. But how do I do it with dynamic objects for example other NPCs ? I downloaded the sample obstacle avoidance project. It works fine, but that was for an older version of RAIN. I can’t find any component like obstacle avoidance collider or anything.So how do I do it?


    hey guys,

    I am working on a game that features 6 degrees of freedom for the player character and the agents who oppose him.

    I’d like the agents to wander in 3d space until they encounter either a food object, other agent or player and then go into a series of states. I’ve played with the waypoint route functionality and I do see some people talking about dynamically creating routes at runtime. Would this be the best solution if I’m looking to create a random wandering situation in 6dof?

    Has anyone used Rain to create flocking behaviors?

    Regarding navmeshes, do they support this type of 6dof movement? They seem to be very much oriented to ground oriented agents and not swimming or flying agents.

    Up til now I have been using the UnitySteer wander script which achieves my wander behavior OK but due to pretty limited documentation and my limited skills I am considering switching over to Rain which seems better documented and more user friendly.

    You can see a few videos of the game in early stages at if any of what I am trying to explain is unclear. My long term goal is to create a complex/chaotic environment of agents acting and reacting to one another that the player has to negotiate, understand and influence and Rain seems like AI wise it will be a great way to do that, just trying to figure out if it will handle my movement needs in a non-walking format.

    Thanks guys.

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Viewing 7 results - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)