We have a unique perspective of AI, and from it, we get dramatically different results.

We believe the only way to succeed in creating characters that are as extraordinary as we are, is to give them the same capabilities that we have.

Our unconventional way of building characters is influenced by combining concepts from philosophy, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

AI isn’t about constrained randomness. Or mathematical algorithms. Or rules. Or code. Creating an intelligent being isn’t about mimicking behavioral artifacts with simplified models.

AI is about enabling a virtual being with the same emotional capabilities that we all have.

Enabling them with the ability to ask themselves “What do I want? Why am I here? What is truly important?”

We believe our existence is driven by deep-rooted wants and needs that compose our individuality and allow us to behave with layered complexity, unique from one another.

We believe our characters must be constructed on the same foundation, with the same potential for love or fear, hurt or happiness, success or failure. Characters that have the ability to change their perspective based on what they have experienced, and from it dream about the future.