Chance Of RAIN? Excellent! RAIN{one} Released!

The end has come. The AI robots gained sentience, and they’re going to be our only hope in the Zombie Apocalypse, when zombie forces start using the Bear Calvary led by none other than our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Fear not! They don’t stand a chance against our AI robots empowered by the cognitive forces of RAIN!!! Equipped with human-like sensors, the capability to find the most efficient path on their death march to save the world, and telling the last surviving humans to “GET TO DA CHOPPA”- these are no ordinary AI. The zombies don’t stand a chance.

Though that scenario has no shortage of awesome, is completely legitimate (ask Abe, he never tells a lie) and not over exaggerated at all. It is, none the less, an idea for a video game; maybe your video game (sorry if I stole your idea)! I know what you’re going to say, “But Jester, I have an even more ultra epic idea for a video game that could really use the AI you’re talking about. I just don’t have the hours it takes to sit down and code the functions.” We hear you loud and clear. We understand that even the most basic AI functions can be a major obstacle for developers because of the complexity involved- not to mention, the developer can be focusing on more important parts of the game development.

We are taking the first steps toward eliminating those obstacles in AI, as well as many others, so users can focus on designing creative character behavior instead of building framework. We developed RAIN to make using, building, and understanding AI as easy as possible.

Introducing RAIN{one}, a completely integrated AI tool kit on the Unity3D App Store. Developers now have access to a comprehensive set of AI tools that have never been seen together on Unity. By using RAIN{one}, Unity users will have the tools to equip their in-game characters with core AI capabilities such as the ability to sense the world, navigate, and create complex behaviors through goal or task based logic. What does that mean for you? It means that you can skip the vast majority of the code writing and focus on what you do best, making fantastic games.

Here’s some of major features of RAIN{one} include:
  • Pathfinding, Pathfollowing and Path Graph Generation
  • Behavior Trees and Goal Oriented Behaviors
  • Movement
  • Locomotion
  • Sensors
  • One-Click AI Configuration

Our Product Page has more information on the features above Our Support Page has Documentation, Forums and Tutorials.

If you have any questions at all or just want to talk shop about bear-mounted Army tactics, drop us a line at or on facebook and Twitter @RivalTheory.

And please if you have to send me racy photos (some of you seem to think it’s funny) please make it a young Sean Connery.