50,000 developers and Sentio Entertainment

Thank you to our amazing community of friends, partners, and RAIN developers. Whether you are using RAIN to create pets or people, aliens or robots, friends or foes, you are now in the company of over 50,000 other developers making better games through better AI. Of course, RAIN is just the beginning of a larger vision, and we aren’t stopping there. Not only are we building platform and technology to support the most incredible interactive experiences on the planet, we’re now going to be leading the charge.

Rival Theory is embarking on a quest to reimagine storytelling, and we’re starting with Virtual Reality. Like you, we’re enormous fans of movies and television and like many others in the field, we’re captivated by what happens when you extend the format into a completely immersive visual experience. Put on a VR headset and you are no longer a passive viewer watching events unfold through a window. Instead, you suddenly find yourself center stage - seeing what the characters see and feeling the action and drama unfold around you as if you were there. By itself Virtual Reality can establish presence, the physical and emotional sensation that you are truly situated in the world before your eyes.

What would happen, though, if while watching a story unfold in VR a character from the scene walked directly up to you? What if they looked you in the eyes, leaned in close, and whispered your name? Could they make you laugh? Cry? Love?

Today we’re announcing Sentio Entertainment, the interactive content studio of Rival Theory. Through Sentio Entertainment, we’ll be creating incredible experiences that take you on emotional journeys as you meet and interact with characters in virtual worlds. These are no ordinary characters, however. Through our Sentio AI technology, we are creating sentient virtual actors that deliver highly realistic interactive performances. The result is a powerful customized story experience, allowing you to build relationships and influence the narrative with meaning and consequence. Rival Theory has teamed up with Rothenberg Ventures and the River Accelerator to make these concepts a reality. We’ve already begun work on our first episode, and we invite you to follow our progress as we prepare for a Q1 2016 release. Visit Sentio Entertainment to catch a glimpse of what we’ve got in store and sign up for updates.
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