Animation Preview

Sentio Character: Necromancer

Necromancer is a Sentio™ Character, a complete fully-rigged model with animation, sound effects, and AI-driven movement and behavior.

Features Include

Built in behaviors : Idle, Patrol, Wander, and Attack.

Customizable : Easily change character attributes like Aggression, Health, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Spell Range, and more.

Instant : When dropped into your game world, Sentio Characters sense and react to their surroundings, the player, or other AI immediately. No coding required.

Quality : High quality model with cloth system. 6 different high resolution diffuse, specular, and normal map textures. 16 high quality animations.

Sentio Necromancer requires RAIN™ version 2.1.10 or higher. RAIN is our free AI character engine for Unity.

Model and Animations from Many Worlds .

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Channeling dark power from demonic gods of the underworld, the Necromancer destroys the bodies and souls of all who stand in his way.

His fireball and powerful area of effect spells cause damage over time to ensure the absolute torment of his enemies.