Sentio Character: Minotaur

Minotaur is a Sentio™ Character, a complete fully-rigged model with animation, sound effects, and AI-driven movement and behavior.

Features Include

Built in behaviors : Idle, Patrol, Wander, and Attack.

Customizable : Easily change character attributes like Aggression, Health, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and more. The Minotaur can also fight with or without his warhammer and comes with a complete head look rig (works in Unity and Unity Pro).

Instant : When dropped into your game world, Sentio Characters sense and react to their surroundings, the player, or other AI immediately. No coding required.

Quality : High quality model with removable armor. High resolution diffuse, specular, and normal map textures. 30 high quality animations.

Sentio Minotaur requires RAIN™ version 2.1.9 or higher. RAIN is our free AI character engine for Unity.

Model and Animations from Protofactor .

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Part man, part bull, and all around badass, the Minotaur is agile and uses his hands and warhammer in deadly attack combos.

Slamming his warhammer to the ground causes a rippling area of effect, dealing a crushing blow to all enemies in range.
Animation Preview and Screenshots