Sentio Characters

Sentio Characters are pre-built characters that automatically behave, move and react when dropped into a game world.

Sentio Characters are complete fully-rigged models that come with animation, sound effects, AI movement, and behavior. When dropped into your game world, Sentio Characters sense and react to their surroundings, the player, or other AI without the developer touching a line of code.

Sentio Characters require the latest version of RAIN ™. RAIN is our free AI character engine that developers can use to customize their characters.


What are the developer benefits of using a Sentio Character?
  • Instant Gameplay
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fully rigged/Fully customizable
  • Saves days/weeks of time per character
  • No coding required

How do I integrate Sentio Characters into my game?
  • Step 1- Purchase a character
  • Step 2- Import into your Unity project
  • Step 3- Unpack through the RAIN menu
  • Step 4- Drag and drop the character into your game scene and press play

Can I create my own custom Sentio Characters?
Sentio Characters purchased from the Asset store are fully customizable. Use RAIN to modify behaviors and configure the character for your game.

Support for completely original characters will be available summer of 2015.