RAIN{one} has evolved into RAIN{indie}, the #1 AI solution for Unity 3D.

If you are an existing RAIN{one} customer, please contact us directly to download the current version.

History of RAIN{one}

In July 2011, we released RAIN{one}™ a comprehensive AI product that immediately became the #1 artificial intelligence solution for the Unity 3D game engine.

Over the following year and a half, RAIN{one} grew into the easiest and most powerful way for developers to create AI characters in games. Our accomplishments with RAIN{one} inspired us to want to make our products accessible to all Unity developers and on January 21, 2023 we released RAIN{indie} as the free successor to RAIN{one}. To us, the word “indie” means easier to use for everyone, and RAIN{indie} represents our next best step along the path to better AI for all. Response to RAIN{indie} has been overwhelmingly positive and the RAIN{indie} community has grown to over 16,000 developers (and counting.)

Upgrading from RAIN{one}

We are committed to our customers and will continue to support studios as they transition from RAIN{one} to RAIN{indie}.

We recommend all current projects successfully using RAIN{one} to continue doing so through release. If your studio is currently using RAIN{one} and you feel that a transition to RAIN{indie} is necessary, please contact Rival Theory support for help in upgrading.