massive black and rival theory team up to deliver zombie playground

Gear up.


Fill your water guns, sharpen your pencils, feed your Tamagotchi, and figure out another word for thesaurus because summer’s over. That’s right… we’re going back to school, except this time we’re going to learn something we can actually use. I’m not talking about that Reading Rainbow crap, I’m talking about surviving the zombie apocalypse! In this school, math class is counting bodies and the only physics involved is how hard you can swing a baseball bat through previously-living tissue- remember kids, swing through the zombie skull. Not even Hot Wheels roll this hard.
“Zombie Playground is a game where you take the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through a child’s imagination.” — Jason Chan, Massive Black Senior Artist
Massive Black’s vision will be centered around childlike themes, deep engaging gameplay, and worthy reward systems. Generally speaking, Zombie Playground will be an online, team-based, 3D action game, played in the third person. Rival Theory’s newest technology, Sentio, will be featuring the industry’s best AI character behavior, pathfinding and braaaains…(see what I did there?). So when a zombie is hurling pieces of its rotted corpse across the room in an attempt to kill you, think of us. Even though the game is set in a school, the gameplay will feature plenty of guts, gore, and mature themes. Players will enjoy Zombie Playground’s delicate balance of humor and horror.
“We here at Massive Black couldn’t be more excited to partner with Rival{Theory} on Zombie Playground. Even more exciting, they will be implementing their newest endeavor into Zombie Playground, a previously unannounced technology called Sentio! It will further enhance the user’s suspension of disbelief and who doesn’t like that, right? We can’t wait to work with them on other top secret projects. Stay tuned :)” — Massive Black
Although the Kickstarter is over you can still follow the game’s frequent updates: including character profiles, weapons, levels, gameplay goodies, and AI developments.

Check it out and let us know what you’re the most excited about.

Zombie Playground Website

Kickstarter Project

Thanks to Massive Black, we’re excited to go back to school and so is our AI. See you in class.

-Rival Theory Team

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About Massive Black: Massive Black is a digital artwork and animation studio servicing the Game, Film, Entertainment and Advertising Industry. We help companies visualize their properties with artwork. Our work is typically geared towards the consumer market, with our role as specialists that ‘facelift’ existing or aide in the creation of new intellectual properties to make them more interesting, accessible and marketable. Over the last 8 years Massive Black has worked on some of the largest franchises in games and movies. We’ve worked on over 400 games for all the major publishers - Companies like Electronic Arts, Blizzard, THQ, Capcom, Activision, Sony, 2K, Microsoft. Our artists have also contributed to some of the biggest movies including the Transformers and GI Joe series and Prometheus.