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Creating Waypoints

This section will introduce you to Waypoints, and how to create them.

Waypoints can be thought of as a basic graph describing routes the AI should take. Waypoints can be used whenever you want to create a simple predefined path for movement.

For more information go to Waypoints Overview

Difference between a Waypoint Network and Waypoint Route

There are two types of Waypoints that can be created with RAIN:

  • Waypoint Network - The Waypoint Network is more like a web of path possibilities. It allows the AI more flexibility for choosing the shortest path between predefined waypoints while 'wandering' off the paths goal periodically.
  • Waypoint Route - A Waypoint Route is an easy way to create Patrol behaviors. This is a fixed path sequence that your AI can loop over.

Creating a Waypoint Collection

TO START: Go to the RAIN menu

  1. In the RAIN menu, select either Create Waypoint Network or Create Waypoint Route.
  2. This will add a Waypoint object in the hierarchy.
  3. Selecting the Waypoint object in the hierarchy you will find the Waypoint Rig editor component in the Inspector.
  4. Within the Waypoint Rig component:
    1. You add waypoints.
    2. Modify waypoint vector position.
    3. Edit the color.
    4. Drop waypoints to be flush with the surface.
    5. Edit their radius.

Adding Waypoints

Once you have added your Waypoint Rig you can create a Waypoint Collection by adding Waypoints to the game world and create a path for your AI to follow. Add waypoints to your Waypoint Collection by:

  1. Click the Add (Ctrl W) button in the Waypoint rig. This creates a waypoint at the center of your camera and attempts to get it close to the ground.
  2. If you notice a waypoint was created in the air, you can select it by clicking on it in the scene view or on the title heading in the Waypoint Rig and select Drop To Surface.
  3. You can add additional connected waypoints by moving your camera and continuing to click the button, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W.

You will be able to find each individual waypoint within the Waypoint Rig component in the inspector window.

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