“100% of your support is top notch and a major reason I always look to see if this extension is viable for our projects”

-Chris Fowler
2K Games Australia



Experience all the power, performance, and polish of RAIN.

Unleash the most comprehensive, intuitive, and robust AI engine available. Download the latest version on either the Unity Asset Store, or directly from our website. RAIN is easy to install and compatible with both the free and Pro versions of Unity.

World-class support

We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we get from RAIN users around the world. Our support and development team work together to solve even the toughest problems, so the right answer is never far away.

Integrated Documentation and Support

Integrated support guides, hover-text, help menus, and shortcuts are included in RAIN to help you get answers quickly. Links for advanced, detailed documentation are also seamlessly integrated within the RAIN UI.

Development Resources

Join the Rival Theory community! Network with people from all parts of the industry- from artists and hobbiest to students and triple-A professionals.

We are here to help inspire and educate you by providing everything you need to make great interactive characters.