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    Hi guys,

    Many of your users are UFPS guys who came here because there is no good AI for UFPS. You have made a great effort but I do not feel you have gone the extra mile to make it work with UFPS very easily. Consequently there are probably hundreds of people here who WANT to use this and sentio but cannot work out how, and it is not a drag and drop affair that’s for sure. I check this forum almost daily assuming/hoping you will have some better UFPS integration to offer any day. I think if you get something out soon it might convince most of the UFPS guys but if not I think you’re about to lose a significant chunk to Paragon AI, which if works as promised will deliver something that works for us out of the box.

    It might seem incredibly lazy that we want AI handed to us on a silver platter for almost no work, but most of us have spent too long trying to get this going, I myself have tried almost every package and written my own AI 3 times. Im due to be lazy, and Paragon looks like it may be the answer. I would prefer to use sentio and warfighter if they were nicely combined into some package that literally works out the box for UFPS, but as it is i had problems getting them all work together every time I tried.

    Anyway Im hoping RT have something crafty up their sleeve which will be announced very soon, or me and a lot of the UFPS boys may find ourselves thinking of RAIN as just something we attempted to use one day rather than use and love.


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    The fact that is still here with not one response semi proves my point, most of the UFPS now are with Paragon, whats going on guys? Unleash some AI goodness with actual drag n drop installation it was kind of vapourware for me that. Here’s hoping before new year I have Sentio and paragon working nicely together!..

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