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    I’m new to RAIN and hoping I can use it to implement a few “power grid” style systems in our project, I can’t seem to work out where to start & if this is even possible with RAIN. we are try to do this:

    Base Controller (AI)
    Base Parts (Contain GO’s & Navigation Targets At connections)

    We want the Base controller to continuously try and “Walk” the connections and check for a break in any links and Trigger an event if a link is broken. Normally I would use a Navmesh but these GO’s will be built by the Players during play.

    So far I have got the AI memory storing any base parts that were added so I can trigger an event if one is removed, but the navigation targets have me stumped.



    Sorry for the late reply, let me know if you are still working on this and I can put together some options for you.

    One particular thought is whether the base controller actually needs to move along the connections, or if you are just using the navigation to figure out the connections. If the controller doesn’t need to move I imagine you could use some of our lower level classes to just check your connections (in particular our VectorPathGraph).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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