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    Sentio Minotaur version 1.0 Release Notes

    This is the initial release of the Sentio Minotaur

    Sentio Characters are a new line of fully-rigged AI-driven characters that can be rapidly added to any game.

    Visit to learn more, or go to with questions and comments



    Quick note to Sentio Character users. There is a known issue with putting both Darkness Warlord and Minotaur in the same scene. The issue involves one of the characters loading the other characters’ custom actions. We’ll be patching both characters soon.

    To resolve the issue in the meantime:
    1) Update to RAIN 2.1.10
    2a) Import and unpack the characters one at a time. Start with Darkness Warlord. Import and unpack. Open the Behavior Tree Editor and select DarknessWarlordMain. Make any change to the behavior tree (edit the name of a node, then undo your change). This will cause the behavior tree to reset and fix itself. Next, follow the same process with Minotaur.
    2b) Request an updated behavior tree from Rival Theory. We’ll send you a behavior tree xml file that you can import to fix any problems.




    it’s easy to siwtch hand fight to weapon fight ?

    what’s interrest if i have already Warlord

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    You can switch between weapon/non-weapon mode by ticking a check box (or from code at runtime).



    Awesome! Very exciting, can’t wait to try this out, awesome work again RT!

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