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    RAIN version 2.1.5 Release Notes

    6 amazing reasons to use RAIN:
    1) One click AI rigging
    2) Automatic Navmesh selection
    3) Custom behavior tree nodes
    4) Root motion movement control
    5) Waypoint routes
    6) Rival Theory forums (

    Changes and bug fixes:
    MoveTarget and FaceTarget are now virtual
    Fixed custom decisions not showing public Expressions
    Added OnDestroy call for EntityRig for proper cleanup when loading scenes
    Fixed zero width/height primitives on the NavMesh
    Fixed Expression type conversion in some cases (int < -> float, color)
    Fixed issue with raycast on visual sensor not ignoring self properly
    Fix for progress bar popping up when navmesh is generated via code
    Improved speed on NavMesh generation on large scenes with many trees/objects
    Changed custom templates to use full namespaces to avoid conflicts with non-namespaced assets
    Minor changes to support Unity 5 Beta

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