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    I’m new to Unity and Rain so this may be my fault.
    When I add an AI to a charactrer Rain adds an AI to it in the Hierarchy. Normaly I click on that AI and in the inspecter Rain display optons and settings in a black panel.
    The black panel has vanished!
    Its the same with waypoint route too, no black panel.
    Behavior tree editer still works via the menu on the top bar.

    I have tried reimporting Rain and checked for updates, but its still the same.
    I’m using Unity 5.3.4f1

    Hoping someone can help

    ETA: Inspecter was in Debug mode.
    For Newbys like me. If you right click on the inspector tab a list of options is offered, if you select Debug then rains properties dissapear.

    My Mistake.

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    Hi, I can only suggest you to open a completely new Unity Project and import fresh downloaded Rain package into it to make sure that everything will go smooth.

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