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    Hello guys,
    My name is Jack.
    My first post here, and unfortunatelly I have a big problem, I am a little bit desperate because I finished the game and the client is waiting for me to upload it to stores:(
    The problem: I created a mobile game, a FPS with zombies; I created everyting very well, AI, entity, navigation, etc, everyting is working smooth in unity scene when I test it (version 5.2 Pro)= (the AI is fallowing me, they attack me and so on), but when I create the .apk the AI (zombies) not working: they do not attack me anymore, they don’t fallow me, nothing, is like the Rain AI is not working.

    If I will not figure out, I am forced to give up on RAIN and use another scripts for AI

    I hope you guys will help me!
    Thank you so much.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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