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    Available on the Asset Store

    Here is a project we put together over the last month to display the capabilities of the current version of RAIN.

    If you’ve ever wanted to make a squad based or any FPS-type game this project is an incredible place to start.

    Start creating gameplay in seconds with 4 drag-and-drop AI soldier classes and 4 fully rigged scenes.

    Want this for your own custom characters? Rig up your own game with 6 reusable gameplay components, 5 advanced behavior classes, script libraries, soldier formations, AI commands, and much more.

    Quickly create your own battles and team fights. Drag and drop additional soldiers to form up enemy armies or allied squadrons.

    Intelligent AI enemies work as a team using tactics and communication to take you down.

    Players can issue commands to their AI-controlled squad members for advanced and dynamic team fights.

    Take an active role in commanding your squad or sit back and watch the AI armies battle to the death.

    Squad Command: Advanced Warfighter AI package includes:

    6 Reusable Components with Scripts
    — Aim and Fire
    — Health management
    — AI to AI communication
    — Tactical positions for cover and threat
    — Formation management
    — Team management

    Formation Options
    — Squad
    — Column
    — Wedge
    — Circle
    — Attack

    Sub-formations for 4-man Squadrons Include
    — Wedge
    — Column
    — Skirmisher
    — Echelon

    AI Classes
    — Soldier
    — Commander
    — Sniper
    — Player squad member

    AI Commands
    — Attack
    — Find Cover
    — Hold Position
    — Flank
    — Cover Me

    4 Rigged Scenes
    — Standard fighting and patrol
    — Snipers
    — Endless enemy spawns
    — Big Team Battle

    Modify, and reuse every aspect of this project. - including the rigging, code, and behavior.

    Powered by Rival Theory’s free, RAIN AI engine.

    Art, animations and models used from the Unity Bootcamp sample project.

    Get it now on the Unity Asset Store:



    Just bought this, the AI is very nice indeed. I’ve been waiting for something exactly like this for ages, I was wondering if you will do some tutorials on how to use this stuff in your own game, or whether the standard Rain tutorials actually already cover this just fine? I’m integrating this with UFPS and Adventure creator in my game (which you can see here ). This game will also run on the rift, so I can’t wait to send you guys a video once I have the AI actually working! Thanks again for such a cool asset, it will save lots of time, after coding all day I like to come home and do something less complex on the mind, this looks the ticket!..



    Hi again guys, tried to integrate into my main project and am getting some weird errors, any thoughts? I’ve probably done something stupid

    Assets/SquadCommandAI/AI/Actions/Communicate.cs(35,34): error CS0505: `Communicate.Execute(AI)’: cannot override because `RAIN.Action.RAINAction.Execute(RAIN.Core.AI)’ is not a method

    Assets/SquadCommandAI/AI/Actions/DetectEnemy.cs(42,26): error CS0505: `DetectEnemy.Start(AI)’: cannot override because `RAIN.Action.RAINAction.Start(RAIN.Core.AI)’ is not a method

    Assets/SquadCommandAI/AI/Actions/FindCoverFaceDirection.cs(53,34): error CS0505: `FindCoverFaceDirection.Execute(AI)’: cannot override because `RAIN.Action.RAINAction.Execute(RAIN.Core.AI)’ is not a method

    Etc!!..theres tons, but all quite similar I cant find any old rain stuff in there, I have a number of assets installed that could mess with it though I guess.

    EDIT: Fixed! I had “Busy World AI” installed, removing it, seemed to fix it :)) I remember last time it was due to Fantasy AI, now this is gonna be fun!!!

    EDIT2: Demos are still crashing in my main scene (they work fine in a fresh project), I get this: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameManager.Start () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:197)

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameManager.DoTransitionToNotStarted () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:296)
    GameManager.DoRunOnce () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:319)
    GameManager.Update () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:225)

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameManager.DoSwitchCameraView () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:474)
    GameManager.DoTransitionToPlaying () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:357)
    GameManager.DoNotStarted () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:338)
    GameManager.Update () (at Assets/SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs:229)

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    It looks like the GameManager (SquadCommandAI/Scripts/GameManager.cs) isn’t filled out with cameras and targets (or the cameras are missing). If you are integrating it with another project though you may not need the GameManager at all as it mainly handles the GUI, camera, etc for the demo.

    It might be easier to get it fully working though and then start pulling things out. Take a look at the Patrol scene to see how the GameManager is rigged up.



    question please this package contain infighting Ia attack like knife classe thank’s



    Hi @kilik. Are you asking whether the soldiers can perform melee attacks (knife, pistol whip, hit with the rifle)?

    The answer to that question is no - the soldiers don’t currently have animations associated with melee attacks. However, if you’re interested, we can certainly discuss how to do something like that with characters that have those animations.



    yes sure i’am interessed for somethink’s like that’s



    I’m going to start a new discussion thread under the Squad Command category so that others who are interested in melee can find it.


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