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    I am rather new to RAIN and, so far, I am really enjoying it. I am having an issue with a village environment I created where several of the models have upper floors with staircases leading to second and even third floors. I haven’t been able to get my NPC’s to navigate to these upper levels. I created the Navmesh and setup the path waypoints but the NPC just stops at the top or base of the staircase. The only thing I really see is that the Navmesh doesn’t follow the staircase steps. I expect I am missing some setting but I am not sure how to fix it. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.



    A few things to check:

    • Make sure the stairs have colliders that connect to the floors (sometimes there are gaps that can cause problems).
    • If the stair colliders are just a slanted box (instead of individual steps), make sure the navigation mesh walkable slope is high enough to get them (it probably is unless it is a steep stair case).
    • If the steps are individual colliders, make sure the step up height on the navigation mesh is large enough to take the stairs into account.
    • Make sure the walkable height is low enough so that it doesn’t clip the ceiling when going up stairs (sometimes it can be close).

    Lastly, if those things don’t seem to work, try using a simpler collider on the stairs, maybe just a slanted box. You can put it in its own layer and turn off collisions for that layer, and just make sure the navigation mesh includes it (should include everything by default).



    There it is. Adjusting the step up height fixed it for the most part. A few places still are not working( likely because the steps are a bit taller in those spots.) but I’ll try changing the colliders for those instances. Thanks for the help Sigil.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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