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    when creating a NavMesh out of a Unity terrain I’m getting several problems.

    This is what happens after “Preview Collision Meshes”:

    And when I press “Generate Navigation Mesh” it hangs for a long time, making my PC completely unusable. I waited around 10 minutes, then decided to force-close Unity via task manager.

    Do you have an idea what the reason could be?



    Most likely the trouble you are having is stemming from the size of the Navigation Mesh. I would try a smaller section out just to see how it performs for you. The Navigation Mesh can generate them that large, but it would take quite awhile, although you should have a progress bar for most of that time.

    Try a smaller section just to see what happens.



    Yep, I set it to 1.0 and that seems to work for now, thanks!

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