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    I’m running out of memory on my device when I attempt to load a nav mesh which is built for a large outdoor level. What can I do to lower the size of the generated nav mesh?



    Sorry for the late reply:

    Unfortunately the only thing you can do is reduce the cell size, or reduce the general size of the graph. How large is this graph as it goes, we haven’t run into memory issues just yet, but it isn’t a benchmark I’ve checked regularly.

    Another option is to only use navigation meshes when necessary. In particular it doesn’t do you much good across fairly large fields, or rolling hills, but it will still take up space. You could use it where you expect the AI to generally be walking around, or areas where there are significant obstacles and come up with a simpler pathing solution for the wide open spaces.



    I also realized that the problem could be outside of the graph itself and occur when you are path finding. We try to keep it optimized, but the pathfinding itself takes up memory, and if you try to path across a very large graph it is possible that could cause a problem.

    If that is the case, breaking up your Navigation Mesh into logical areas you could avoid the incredibly large paths.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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