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    I downloaded Rain Ai a few days ago and it’s pretty awesome.
    I’m currently working on a protector (like a dog) for my player which is following him until he sees an Enemy to attack him.
    I got the protector to follow the player, but he does not attack the enemy, he just keeps following the player without doing anything.
    I already downloaded the example project and the Starter unity package but there is not such an example except of the usual follower and attack example, but i have no idea how to combine them.
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    I’m not the best at RAIN but I have managed to create a couple of behavior trees similar to what you are describing.

    Here’s how I set it up

    -Parallel (set to Succeed: Any)
    —Detect (in your case detect enemy)
    ——Constraint (Enemy!Null)
    ———-(insert Enemy!Null stuff here)
    ——Constraint (EnemyNull)
    ———-(insert EnemyNull BT here)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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