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    Hello there!

    RAIN AI is working fine so far (thank you for offering such a great asset!), however, I get errors if I have an AI-Object selected, which has “Draw Paths” enabled, or if I have selected the Navigation Mesh.
    I’d still like to use “Draw Paths”, as it helps me debuging things, and I remember it working before.

    This are errors I’m getting:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    RAINEditor.Utility.Visualization.DrawNavMeshPathGraph (RAIN.Navigation.NavMesh.NavMeshPathGraph aGraph, Matrix4x4 aTransform, Color aColor, Single aOutlineColorOffset, Single aHeight)
    RAINEditor.Navigation.NavMesh.NavMeshEditor.DrawNavMeshForScene (RAIN.Serialization.FieldWalker aWalker)
    RAINEditor.Navigation.NavMesh.NavMeshEditor.DrawGizmo (GizmoType aType, RAIN.Serialization.FieldWalker aWalker)
    RAINEditor.TypeEditors.RAINTypeEditor.DrawFieldForGizmo (GizmoType aType, RAIN.Serialization.FieldWalker aWalker)
    RAINEditor.Core.RAINComponentEditor.OnGizmoGUI (RAIN.Core.RAINComponent aComponent, GizmoType aType)
    Matrix stack full depth reached
    RAINEditor.Utility.Visualization:DrawNavMeshPathGraph(NavMeshPathGraph, Boolean, Plane[])
    RAINEditor.Utility.Visualization:DrawNavMeshPathGraph(NavMeshPathGraph, Matrix4x4, Color, Single, Single)
    RAINEditor.Navigation.NavMesh.NavMeshEditor:DrawGizmo(GizmoType, FieldWalker)
    RAINEditor.TypeEditors.RAINTypeEditor:DrawFieldForGizmo(GizmoType, FieldWalker)
    RAINEditor.Core.RAINComponentEditor:OnGizmoGUI(RAINComponent, GizmoType)

    Does anyone have an idea how to get around this?

    Best Regards,
    Kristina Waldt

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