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Steering Behavior + Recast
  • siflandolly February 7
    Do the Steering Behaviors adhere to the recast grid? If I tell an agent to walk to a specific point then it will pathfind its way there but if I am using the SB to tell it where to go it doesn't. Is there a way to do that?

    For instance I'd like an enemy to pursue another enemy but I still want them to use pathfinding to get there.
  • prime February 8
    No, steering behaviors are at a lower level than pathfinding. Our movement system uses steering behaviors, but the destination of the steering behavior (the move target) is chosen by the path following system. To have an enemy pursue another enemy, you likely only need to set the pursuee as the move target for the pursuer - movement system will do the rest, including recalculating a path as your enemies move.
  • siflandolly February 9
    Okay that makes sense but when should we use the steering behaviors? I can't think of many times when I wouldn't want to take pathfinding into account when an agent is moving.
  • siflandolly February 13
    Is it possible to retrieve the move target location that the SB chooses and then supply that to the moveTo method?