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Some AI code I am working on
  • siflandolly January 23
    This is still very much a work in progress but I thought it might help as some sort of starting point. I'm open to any alternate ways of doing this.

    Basically I have a BT which will make my AI (a spider) walk around randomly and detect for a certain enemy. If one is found it will persue the enemy using steering and then attack.

    Here's a list of the code:

    Here's some videos showing what it does:

    Attack AI

    Feel free to borrow or learn from whatever is here.
  • Clockwork January 24
    Great stuff, thanks!
  • siflandolly January 24
    I cleaned up Wander.cs & PersueEnemy2.cs. It had some old code in there.
  • Jester February 1
    @siflandolly I have been meaning to thank you for this post, I know it has been a great help. Would you mind if I posted it on the Unity Forums? Or would you like to do that?

    Thanks again!

  • siflandolly February 1
    Sure, feel free to post on the Unity Forums. I'm still working on these files and will keep updating the Evernote but at least it might give some people something to start with.