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Welcome to the Stanford AI Class Forum
  • prime October 2011
    Welcome to the Rival{Theory} forum discussing the popular online AI class from Stanford. Here we'll be discussing general AI, lessons learned from class, alternate views, and especially topics from the course that are relevant to making games. Please join the discussion!
  • Jester October 2011

    This is Jester. For all of you that would like to follow the class on Twitter #AIclass is the tag.
  • psyclonepsyclone October 2011
    Doing Advanced Lane of AI-Class. Been great so far
  • prime October 2011
    We have everyone here in our offices doing the advanced course. It will be interesting to see how the Stanford view of AI compares to our own. I tend to argue with the finer points, but think the course content is valuable.
  • Fido77 October 2011
    I would love to take the course or follow the course. I will definately keep reading these forums. My current professor did AI for the military for several years and has his own views for pathfinding he likes to share with the class. I guess I will be revisiting my days of A*, hueristics, weighted graphs, and the name Dijkstra(think thats spelled correctly) . Its been a couple years and I remember A* very well. We used a few other algorithms, but I will have to go back to see what they were.
  • prime October 2011
    First two sessions were pretty easy and straightforward. HW#1 was not any harder than the quizzes. I think I prefer "show your work" vs multiple choice for the homework, but I imagine that would be ridiculously hard to grade at that scale.
  • Lamarr October 2011
    Yeah, with 160,000 students, they would need a lot of TAs!
  • prime October 2011
    Ouch, last week's classes and HW2 were pretty intense. Can anyone correctly define the meaning of "probability"? And what does it mean for two variables to be "dependent"?
  • psyclonepsyclone October 2011
    Im finding the course a good challenge and making my sluggish brain work.

    Been a while since I did anything so mathematically intensive.