Support Tue, 14 Feb 12 18:04:07 -0700 Support en-CA PathManager without recast? Tue, 14 Feb 2022 04:19:38 -0700 ganeshvc 233@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Will it work if I use agent.PathManager.MoveTo for movement of the agent without creating recast/NavGrid file? Will I still be using the Navgraph? Also, will the vertex count of the recast mesh & the span mesh contribute to the scene vertex count?


using SB_Avoid with SB_Wander and SB_Pursue Mon, 13 Feb 2022 03:25:18 -0700 reshmi 231@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I have an AI Agent with Simple Mind. The AI Agent Wanders in the terrain until it senses its enemy. On sensing enemy, it will reach to enemy(used SB_Pursue for this). For wandering, SB_Wander API is used. But it was not avoiding any obstacle on the way.

Please provide me some reference of using SB_Avoid along with SB_Wander and SB_Pursue, for collision avoidance.]]>
Steering Behavior + Recast Tue, 07 Feb 2023 19:15:33 -0700 siflandolly 223@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
For instance I'd like an enemy to pursue another enemy but I still want them to use pathfinding to get there.]]>
Optimal approach for AI system using RainOne? Thu, 09 Feb 2022 21:42:18 -0700 ganeshvc 229@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I have been using RainOne for sometime & now its time to put it to use in a game. The game requires multiple AI enemies tracking the player over a terrain via sight,smell & sound. They also have behaviors like run,walk,attack & flee. And the game is targeted at mobile platforms so would like to get a recommendation on any/combination of the following approaches for optimizing this system for best performance. My probable approaches to this are:

1. Create BT based agents with all the actions & use PathManager to guide them over the terrain.(Without recast or waypoints)
2. Use steering behaviors in the actions.(With a Simple Mind?)
3. Use recast & PathManager in combination.(Would the recast mesh polycount be a factor?)
4. Use waypoints for agent navigation.Would sharing waypoints amongst agents be better? Or is it better to have them unique to an agent?

Also, from a terrain point of view, which method will have the agent follow the terrain closest? I have noticed that the agents can "airwalk" while traversing slopes of high gradients.

Lot of queries, but looking forward to hearing from you!



warning after upgrade to 1.1.3 Sun, 12 Feb 2022 19:04:06 -0700 milali 230@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
ImportSettings 'Assets/RAIN/Editor/GUITextures/BehaviorTree/action.png' has been modified but AssetDatabase.ImportAsset has not been called. Please fix the scripts code or Import the asset manually.

I have purged and manually added them back in and it works for 1 run, the next run I will once again get these error messages.


Source for your simple actions Wed, 08 Feb 2023 16:46:12 -0700 milali 226@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I have been trying to build my own actions to do simple things like pick a waypoint and walk to it, but as I don't have any debug information or any real information on what the behavior tree is up to, I can't work out if my custom actions are working...

Could you release the code to the simple default actions so we can use those as a basis to extend our own actions and better understand how detect, walk ect are expect to work.

Thank you]]>
debug behavior trees Sun, 05 Feb 2023 15:18:47 -0700 milali 222@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
How can I debug much of any of the rain stuff as its all hidden in dll's and I can't seem to work out what is actually exposed?

Some annoying UI bugs Thu, 09 Feb 2022 11:27:25 -0700 cygnusprojects 228@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I'm experience some bugs in the current 1.1.3 release. Don't know if they existed before.
1. When you have a Parallel node in your Behavior Tree the settings for Succeed and Fail or sometimes reset both to All. Very annoying if your logic depends on it!
2. When you have a gameobject (taken from a prefeb) with a waypoint collection (the gameobject) set and you press apply to update the prefab the waypoint collection is blanked out.

Maybe an improvement:
Allow the editing (adding, removing) of variables within the Behavior Tree editor.

Kind regards,

Wim ]]>
Disappearing Menus Wed, 08 Feb 2023 11:12:08 -0700 RAIN_Indie 225@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions

It has happened to me on multiple projects, including one that's simply a cube with a sphere and a capsule where I'm just getting a simple mind going.

It just seems to happen after a while, with no reliable repro path. It obviously brings progress to a halt, since you can't access the behavior tree editor (or any of the other missing components).]]>
AI_Behavior in JS Thu, 05 Jan 2023 11:04:41 -0700 MitchStan 208@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Behavior Tree Editor - can't rename variable names Sat, 04 Feb 2023 08:42:45 -0700 AnthonyPaulO 220@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions New Customer - Frequent Crashes with Behavior Trees Tue, 07 Feb 2023 20:32:03 -0700 RAIN_Indie 224@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
They are frequently occurring when saving behavior trees and/or creating new ones.

I'm not doing anything fancy, just creating a capsule and trying to add some very simple nodes (like moving to a target object).

I haven't found a solid repro path; it crashes at different times each time, but it seems to be related to either creating new ones or hitting the Save All button.

I've got version 1.1.3 from the Asset Store and have the latest version of Unity. I'm working on a Mac. The only other middleware I'm using is uScript, though the object I am putting the behavior tree on has no uScript properties or behaviors on it.

Are there any known crashes? Are there ways I can help debug this? I'm very excited about RAIN, but so far haven't made any progress due to the crashing.

Also, I should point out that I was able to successfully add a Recast object and generate/save a nav graph with no issues. My crashes are related specifically to behavior trees.
Sphere Obstacle Avoidance Collider OnTriggerEnter sample Thu, 26 Jan 2023 05:33:09 -0700 Clockwork 218@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions random movement - avoiding moving objects Thu, 19 Jan 2023 03:28:52 -0700 Clockwork 215@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I'm very new to Rain and would like to know how to get started on my specific agent, because I'm very lost at the moment.

I just want to know how experienced users would use the toolset of rain.

My agent needs to do two things:

1. random movement through my map
2. avoid other static and moving (!) objects if they are in range x

My solution for 1. would be to create a navgrid and send the agent to a random coordinate of the map, this will repeat after he was successful (reached the target point).

For 2. I'm very lost right now, avoiding static objects isn't a problem because of the navgrid, but what's about moving objects which get instantiated?

I'm happy about any answer.]]>
Agent not moving when Navigation Grid selected Tue, 24 Jan 2023 22:26:23 -0700 sturmburg 217@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Just set up my first agent in a map and I've got him using a behavior tree with a single primitive move command (to a vector). Under Path Manager I've got 'Use Navigation Grid' checked and when I view the grid after generating it (using Show Span Mesh) it looks valid.

I don't think its a problem with the behavior tree as when I uncheck 'Use Navigation Grid', the Agent moves to the point (ignoring the terrain of course).

Any thoughts?

Sphere obstacle avoidance collider (Help !!!!) Mon, 21 Nov 2022 08:26:01 -0700 Artvicius 181@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I use version 1.1.2 of Rain pathmanager with recast generator - this solved !

But Sphere obstacle avoidance collider not work correct - i need help to this part !

Someone could help me?

See problem in youtube:

Weird "S" movement using BT mind with waypoints Tue, 17 Jan 2023 13:34:50 -0700 MisterKouy 214@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions After setting the MoveLookTarget, I use the Move command and at some point, it starts zigzaging then continue to walk normally.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Thank you!]]>
Recast and simple mind just doesn't work Tue, 17 Jan 2023 05:12:23 -0700 Tim97 213@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
-a bootcamp soldier set up as my ai with a simple mind on it
-a 10x10 plane for the ground
-a first person controller prefab for my player
-a cube that has a width of 5 set up between the player and the soldier.

I have a recast mesh over the scene, and the player is within the extents of the mesh(I've tried both distance and using the plane as an object for the recast), and the look and move targets are set to the player on the soldier. Auto move and auto rotate is on. But when I hit play, the ai just moves to the left a little and tries to get around the object, but its too wide for that. What to do?]]>
Recast & Waypoints Wed, 04 Jan 2023 12:23:16 -0700 siflandolly 207@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions AiKinematic Controller avoid each other Mon, 09 Jan 2023 10:33:23 -0700 maesla 211@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I have read in the realease note this:
Fixed bug with AIKinematicController not properly finding a collider for obstacle avoidance.

Does this mean that kinematic controllers avoid character controllers, or they avoid another kinematic controllers aswell?

What collider do they avoid?

Do I have to do something special?

Thank you.]]>
How to UNINSTALL Rain?! Sat, 07 Jan 2023 06:25:35 -0700 sart66 209@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
When you use RAIN in a scene, the scene remembers references to, at least, RAINEditor long after all RAIN components had been removed. I have one such scene and no intentions to rebuild it from scratch which is nearly impossible. So, Prime, would you mind to make some kind of uninstall?!?
You see, I'm pretty polite even though such one-way-ticket software is ... well, after all I was dumb enough to buy it in the first place, so, I reckon, the reward is well deserved.

waiting for a removal tool in the nearest future,
Integration with Unity 3.5's Navmesh/Pathfinding? Fri, 23 Dec 2022 09:42:44 -0700 Matt 198@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Will you be integrating with Unity 3.5's new Navmesh/Pathfinding so we can utilise it from RAIN's behaviour trees/goal oriented behaviours?

AI Wander for Animals Mon, 10 Oct 2022 07:33:11 -0700 PixelFish 129@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions OK, last try ! Sat, 31 Dec 2022 09:41:18 -0700 helmers 206@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I asume the following:

1. The MoveAction primitive gives a damn about NavMeshes and Waypoints! It simply moves straigt to the given target. I have asumed that this primitive is the substitute to a SimpleMind and PathManager.MoveTarget. Seems I was totally wrong!

2. I found in the docu an FollowPath Action! Yeah thats it, or is it? This seems to relay heavily on some entries in the blackboard (ActionContext). And yes the docu really includes some names: "ContextItems constants are expected to be set and used, including PATHGRAPH, PATH_TO_TARGET, TARGET, and MOVE_TO_TARGET. ". Aha, so the class properties are only half the docu for this class. The other half is hidden via the ActionContext. But those variables, their type and usage is not described anywhere (if it is please point me to it and I will appologise).

3. Guessing on: So it seems I have to supply two other actions to the FollowPath action?
Wonderful, when I look for those I get the same problem. They also are only half documented.

Is it so hard to get some samples out that describe such essential things?
Is it really expected that each customer has to find out how to use this product?
I had a look at the new tutorials: they are better than the old but they tell no new things.

Seriously, it MAY be that RAIN is a great product, but when I can not use it due to missing documentation (and describing only methods and properties is NOT enough!!!!!) then it is the same as if the product has a million bugs. It can simply not be used.

When I bought RAIN I expected a system I can use. But it seems I only found a text adventure where the user has to find out by himself how the system works! Sorry when sounding rude, but I'm quite angry at the moment as I have spent quite some time looking for bugs where there are none. An time is the most valuable I have, that's why people buy middleware!

So before you consider bringing out a new version with new features. Get down and provide enough documentation, tutorials and samples to get your customers to work with the product.

Recast Navigation File Error on a Mac? Fri, 30 Dec 2022 13:13:20 -0700 philo 204@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I've only just started using Rain{one} and I'm very impressed so far, but I've had problems with the navigation grid. I can create a recast object and generate the grid as expected (or at least it looks right). However, it just doesn't work and when inspecting the file produced, it is only 35k in size, which I think means something isn't right (basic guess is that it's not behaving correctly on the mac).

The steps I go through are:
1. Setup a simple level
2. Setup AI that will move to a fixed vector (for testing)
3. Recast and save file
4. Enter filename into the AI Path Manager interface and ensure the Use Navigation Grid option is checked.

If I unstick the option, the AI will try to get to the specified vector by just heading straight to it (colliding with objects on the way) but when the option is ticked, it just remains static and won't move at all.

I can confirm that if I use waypoints, I can get everything working so it's just the NavGrid causing problems.

Any help would be very appreciated!]]>
Action primitive: Animation Wed, 23 Nov 2022 05:13:45 -0700 maesla 183@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
My rain agent is different to the animated gameObject. Can I use the primitive action "animate" with that?

My hierachy is something like this:

-Physical entities
-Animated gameObject
-Logical entities]]>
moving RAINOne to different folder Thu, 29 Dec 2022 15:26:49 -0700 AnthonyPaulO 202@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
In order to keep my project tidy, I keep similar object and scripts separate in their own folders. For example, my AI components all fall under Assets\Scripts\AI\, and I moved RAIN accordingly. However, when creating a Behavior Tree (within the editor) I get the following :

DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path "C:\Work\Quantum\TestRAIN\Assets\RAIN\Editor\ScriptTemplates\BehaviorTreeTemplate.xml"

Is there a way to edit the path, or is it hardcoded in the dll? I was looking for a config but couldn't find one.


Integrating with 3rd Party Pathfinding Thu, 29 Dec 2022 13:15:41 -0700 AnthonyPaulO 200@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I was wondering if you have any examples or pointers on how to use RAIN's behavioral functionality in conjunction with custom or 3rd party pathfinders; in other words, how do I replace RAIN's pathfinding with a custom one and have it integrate as seamlessly as possible within the behavioral framework.

Many thanks!

kinematic.acceleration. Is used for anything? Wed, 21 Dec 2022 08:52:28 -0700 maesla 197@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions I'm trying to connect RAIN with tank controller ( (I suppose there's not any problem with the link...)
I have read this post (
I'm trying to get the acceleration and angularacceleration but I always get (0,0,0).
I get it like this:
_rainAgent = gameObject.GetComponentInChildren();
accelG = _rainAgent.Agent.Kinematic.Acceleration;
angAcc = _rainAgent.Agent.Kinematic.AngularAcceleration;

Is it normal it's always (0,0,0)?
Is there any way to know when a AI is rotating?

P.S: I'm using a kinematic controller but I have tried with character controller and It's the same.

Mixamo Animation State Machine with AIAnimationController + Mixamo Animation Extender Thu, 15 Dec 2022 12:18:13 -0700 monkeyThunk 194@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
I'm now trying to use it with Rain so I've

- disabled the Mixamo NPCControll Script

- followed the release note 1.1.0 directions:

-- added AIAnimationController

-- uncommented and added Mixamo Animation Extender

- added and configured a Behavior Tree mind, and tried creating a behavior tree that just moved along a vector

- I left the Mixamo State Machine Script and the standard Character Controller component enabled

I haven't had any luck so far with seeing either primitive Move or Animation actions work.

Any ideas?, is there a simpler way to test than trying primitive actions in a BT?