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For example, say you have a series of actions for identifying a target, then chasing, then attacking. One might like to put all this into a "combat" behavior and reference that from several different combat units which share that subset in common but otherwise have different behaviors.]]>
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...As described as being available in your documents.]]>
RAINAgent.Agent == null in MonoBehavior.Start() http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/163/rainagent.agent-null-in-monobehavior.start- Tue, 01 Nov 2022 18:17:38 -0700 aaron 163@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Could support for this scenario be added?]]>
Preserve comments in the BT XML http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/145/preserve-comments-in-the-bt-xml Wed, 19 Oct 2022 15:26:54 -0700 Superpig 145@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions Delay primitive http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/141/delay-primitive Tue, 18 Oct 2022 04:58:27 -0700 Superpig 141@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Just something that lets us plug in a minimum and maximum time to wait, and waits for a random amount of time between them before succeeding.]]>
More context/summary in the API docs http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/140/more-contextsummary-in-the-api-docs Tue, 18 Oct 2022 04:17:17 -0700 Superpig 140@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions

Note that there's really nothing anywhere on the page that describes what the primitive actually *does*. Aspect and AssignTo are completely undocumented. Start, Execute and Stop are identical to the base class documentation, making their inclusion here useless - it would be better to have a "See RAIN.Action.Action.Execute()," instead of duplicating the content, so that we know there have been no substantial changes in the implementation. (Or, if there have been - and I am guessing that there are, in at least one function, else the class is useless - then those changes should be documented!)

Some pages are better than this, but many are just as bad. There's very little summary / "Detailed Description" content to help understand how some curiously-named class fits into the bigger picture, and what appears at first to be a well-documented class turns out to have little to no actual useful content once you dig into it.

Maybe you guys should consider writing docs/summaries for classes before you implement them, instead of going back and adding them after the fact?

I'm sure you're aware that the documentation is poor in many places, but I figured an extra voice might help. Between lacklustre API documentation, an obfuscated runtime, insufficient tutorials/manuals, and an irritating forum package, piecing together information about exactly how to use RAIN to achieve things is a lot harder than it should be. ]]>
Built-in support for platformer type navigation (or some samples to help us achive it) http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/39/built-in-support-for-platformer-type-navigation-or-some-samples-to-help-us-achive-it Sun, 07 Aug 2022 06:03:05 -0700 Yuno117 39@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
For example:
It knows where and how high it needs to jump to get from platform to platform, and whether platforms are above or below, on the way to destination.]]>
Not a feature. Just a small modification http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/102/not-a-feature.-just-a-small-modification Thu, 22 Sep 2022 00:03:30 -0700 netics 102@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
If I open the xml file with VS2008, it warns me
"character ' ', hex value 0x0 can't be used in XML document"
(phrase is not exactly same. because I am not using english version. I translated message.)

Just clean up the trailing trash characters.


ps. and navmesh pathfinding asap.
Please stop obfuscating the runtime http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/92/please-stop-obfuscating-the-runtime Mon, 12 Sep 2022 16:17:57 -0700 Superpig 92@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Obfuscating particularly funky bits like the Recast implementation or the editor UI doesn't bother me, but not being able to find out (for example) how classes interact with PathManager is a big problem when I'm trying to write a swap-in replacement for it.]]>
Signaling http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/68/signaling Mon, 29 Aug 2022 23:18:48 -0700 duhprey 68@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions https://github.com/tosos/Geewhiz

It contains classes like Dispatch which does a publish/subscribe model for sending messages or Listener which lets a class register for "Shouts". I use this for signaling activities like "OnArrived" from the path follower to anyone who cares to know. There is also a scheduler which runs one update loop but allows other classes to update at whatever frequency. I use that to throttle back to 6 hz the AI I've hand crafted (which I'll be converting to a behavior tree shortly :)

Anyway, signals of these variety (OnPathStarted, OnPathCancelled, OnArrived) would be nice to have.]]>
Behavior Trees http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/73/behavior-trees Fri, 02 Sep 2022 10:00:13 -0700 ggblake 73@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions Component Category http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/65/component-category Thu, 25 Aug 2022 19:09:20 -0700 netics 65@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions Add the attribute below for each component

public class AIKinematicController

this makes component categorized in Component menu of unity editor.

Default aspect types and drop-downs http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/55/default-aspect-types-and-drop-downs Fri, 19 Aug 2022 09:05:07 -0700 duhprey 55@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Then having those, it would be cool to have an interesting set of defaults. Like those from the Inform language. Edible, Container, Stackable, Wearable etc.]]>
More sensors type? http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/8/more-sensors-types Fri, 22 Jul 2022 12:35:09 -0700 cremean 8@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions ]]> Raycast connection maximum distance http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/49/raycast-connection-maximum-distance Thu, 11 Aug 2022 00:19:46 -0700 netics 49@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions it will be better that raycast waypoint connection can be restricted with maximum distance.

wouldn't it?
Visualize generated Navmesh http://support.rivaltheory.com/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/13/visualize-generated-navmesh Mon, 25 Jul 2022 03:05:42 -0700 cremean 13@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions