Announcements Tue, 14 Feb 12 18:03:04 -0700 Announcements en-CA If you could have just one thing? Tue, 27 Dec 2022 09:58:02 -0700 prime 199@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions RAIN{one} v1.1.2 Now available on Unity Asset Store Mon, 31 Oct 2022 16:31:15 -0700 Jester 157@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
As of this afternoon, RAIN{one} v1.1.2 is ready to download from Unity.

The release notes can be found here:

Special thanks to everyone that submitted bugs and gave us feedback!

RAIN{one} v1.1 Release Notes Fri, 30 Sep 2022 10:24:51 -0700 Jester 118@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Here are the release notes for our latest v1.1. We have added many new features and fixed a number of bugs in regard to our recast. Please look over the patch notes to see where the changes happened. I want to let you all know that because of your help, we are the #1 AI solution on Unity3d! Thank you so much for being a part of that, and giving your valuable feedback. As always, contact us if you have any questions

Thanks again,

RAIN{one} v1.1.1 Fri, 07 Oct 2022 13:39:31 -0700 Jester 128@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Announcements: Would you like your game featured on our website?

Rival{Theory} is putting together a section on our website that showcases projects using RAIN{one}. Traffic on our website is steadily increasing so it will be a really great way to get your game/project out there. We are taking submissions now. Even if you only have a few scenes, our site can still be a great way to promote your work. We can also work with you to get the project up and running.

Drop us a line at to get started ]]>
Patch 1.0.4 Tue, 16 Aug 2022 08:41:15 -0700 prime 51@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Release notes for RAIN{one} Version 1.0.4 Thu, 01 Sep 2022 10:53:28 -0700 Jester 71@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Here are the release notes for v 1.0.4. Let us know if you have any questions.

RAIN{one} v1.0.4

You can now access Goal Oriented Behavior through the Behavior Tree Mind. Goal Oriented Behavior is implemented as Behavior Tree Nodes and can be accessed and edited from within the new Behavior Tree Editor. Goal-Action Mind has been removed from 1.0.4.

Our apologies to those who have developed systems using the prior implementation. Because of the prior version's reliance on serialization, we could not provide an upgrade path. The new implementation stores data in files that will be upgradeable when needed in future releases.

Bug Fixes:
- Updated AICharacterController to separate Y axis when calculating velocities
- Updated AICharacterController to make addition of Gravity optional.
- BehaviorTree condition nodes now support the repeatuntil attribute


Feature Changes:
- New Behavior Tree Editor can be used to visually create and edit behavior trees from within Unity
- Goal Oriented Behavior is now implemented through the Behavior Tree System.
- RAINAgent is now the container for Personality Traits. These work with the GOB system to influence Goal importance.
- Added new AvatarController "AIMixamoAnimationController" for managing AI that use Mixamo Root Motion Computer and Mixamo animations
- Reorganized Component menu so that RAIN scripts appear under a RAIN menu.
- Variables in behavior trees and Actions are no longer accessed through a Variable list. All Variables are managed through the actionContext.
- PreAction() no longer accepts List as a parameter. Use actionContext directly to read/write variables.
- PathManager now makes "closeEnoughDistance" publicly available for tweaking how close an AI needs to get to a destination target on MoveTo.


Known Issues:
- There are known issues in generating good navmeshes from the recast system. We are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them ASAP as part of patch 1.0.5.
- Once you generate per-waypoint navmesh files, the pathfollowing system will always use them. If you want to just use waypoints (and stop using the recast navmeshes) then delete all WaypointXXXX resources from the Assets/AI/Resources/Navigation folder.

GOB XML Example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Patch Fri, 02 Sep 2022 14:43:00 -0700 prime 74@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Patch resolves this issue and has been submitted to Unity for posting to the Asset Store.

In the meantime, you can do the following:


1) Add any xml file to your Assets/AI/Resources/BehaviorTrees folder


2) Click on the Mind of any rigged AI with a BehaviorTreeMind. type in a name for your xml file in the Inspector Window. Then click Generate Default Behavior Tree XML.]]>
Patch 1.0.3 Sat, 06 Aug 2022 14:14:56 -0700 Jester 38@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
Here is the notes and announcement for Patch 1.0.3

RAINone v1.0.3

To all users of v1.0.2 and previous - We have made significant changes to how certain save files are stored. In particular:

Save file locations for navigation and behavior trees have changed. RAIN now forces these files to appear in

The editor windows will force any filename/path entered to originate in one of the above folders. For example if you enter a path to your waypoint graph file, the editor will create a relative path and place it in the special Resources folder.

Your file extensions may be replaced with Resource friendly file extensions. For example, navigation graph files now are forced to a ".bytes" extension. If you save a file called "waypoints.nav" it will be saved as "waypoints.bytes".

To fix any existing projects, do the following:
1) For nav files, simply regenerate the files as you did previously. When you do so, RAIN should move the file locations and update your AI. You can strip any path information and just specify the filename if desired.
2) For Behavior Tree xml, type in the name of your xml file and click Generate Default Behavior Tree XML. Once the new file is generated, either copy the contents of your old file into the new one, or overwrite the old file with your new file.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed deployment issues. RAIN can now be built and deployed in Win, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android
Fixed Recast generation issue in Mac
Fixed an issue related to following paths on sloped terrain.


Feature Changes:
Added support for Obstacle Avoidance
- You must rerig your AI. Simply go to Create AI in the RAIN menu and choose the option for Mind you already have set up. This will add an ObstacleAvoidanceCollider to your AI.
- Checkbox added to PathManager to enable/disable avoidance
- Avoidance Smoothing Time field in PathManager is used to smooth out jitter. Smaller values produce more responsive avoidance. Larger values reduce jitter effects.
- Avoidance Checks Per Second field in PathManager is used to reduce computational cost. Smaller values produce less responsive avoidance. Larger values increase computational overhead.
- Avoidance Strength field in PathManager is used to increase the weight of Avoidance with respect to path following. Larger values increase avoidance at the expense of path following. Smaller values support path following over avoidance.

Developers may now create their own AvatarControllers. See the API docs for more info.


Known Issues:
- There are known issues in generating good navmeshes from the recast system. We are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them ASAP.
- Once you generate per-waypoint navmesh files, the pathfollowing system will always use them. If you want to just use waypoints (and stop using the recast navmeshes) then delete all WaypointXXXX resources from the Assets/AI/Resources/Navigation folder.


patch Sun, 07 Aug 2022 20:40:20 -0700 prime 42@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions Patch 1.0.2 Fri, 29 Jul 2022 15:57:38 -0700 Jester 25@/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussions
update 1.0.2 is now available on the Unity Asset store. Also, the Behavior Trees documentation has been updated.

RAIN{one} v1.0.2

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed variable loading in behavior trees
- Expanding box sensor no longer resets when it detects an Aspect
- Improved recast in certain geometries
- Removed extraneous logging messages, especially around "Failed to load QuadFieldGraph"

Feature Changes:
- Added repeatuntil attribute to behavior tree nodes
- Added base behavior tree xml file creation
- Behavior tree now takes a root node name to start from
- Behavior tree variables are now accessible through actionContext (you can use as the type)
- Behavior tree node names can now be blank (root node should have a name)
- Sensors now default to the layer of the object to which they are attached
- Added SphereSensor
- Added support for graph wireframe to path manager for whole scene recast

Thanks! ]]>
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