Rival Theory is an AI company focusing on preserving, extending and recreating life.

Since 2011, we have used advanced AI technology to create smart, realistic characters for the entertainment industry.  We have humbly supported over 100,000 game developers and agencies who have used our RAIN AI engine to breathe life into any character, in any game, on any platform.


We create human-like AI for photo-realistic, interactive, human personas modeled by and indistinguishable from their real people. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, these digital humans look, act and interact with the mannerisms, memories and sentience of the real people they are based on. In fact, they react to real-time user behaviors including speech, gaze, proximity, gestures, movement and unexpected actions. The result is an interactive experience as believable as if it were really happening.


Engineered from the ground up and building upon RAIN, we created our Sentio Platform.  Sentio was built to deliver a unique ability to apply concepts from game technology, animation and artificial intelligence to create truly lifelike characters for entertainment. The first implementation of this was Elise, our human-like, AI-imbued, animated character based on a real person.