You could be with and talk to people you never thought you’d be able to? Maybe it’s your favorite entertainer, philosopher, or humanitarian. 

          What would you ask them? 

          What might they ask you? 

          What if you could call them your close friend?


You could be with someone you lost, like listening to your grandmother tell you a story as if she were alive today?


you could be in more than one place at a time?

           What if you could be in 50, 100 or an infinite number of       
           places at the same time but having different and unique   

Some part of us could continue to live, even after we have passed on?

           What would it be like for you always to be a part of your
           kids’ or grandchild’s—giving parental advice, support,
           and love.

The biggest humanitarian influencers of the world, such as Mother Theresa or Harriet Tubman, could continue influencing forever?